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How to use the year-end to motivate donors in the new year

As the end of the calendar year approaches, our inboxes and mailboxes fill up holiday greetings, year-end sales promotions, and predictions for the New Year.

Nonprofit organizations use this time to send their messages of best wishes and reminders to make that last donation before the year ends. Some NPOs bring in as much as 40 percent of their annual gifts during this time, according to Charity Navigator. Charitable giving during the first half of this year was strong, and researchers are predicting a successful year-end giving season. Why not use your end-of-year push to engage donors into the New Year?

Here’s a strategy to help NPOs use their holiday and end-of-year campaigns to pull donors into the New Year.

New Year’s Message

Many nonprofit organizations publish and distribute their annual report in November, close to the end of the calendar year. Use the New Year holiday time to thank donors, again, for their generous support and provide a glimpse into a few of the initiatives and activities that your organization has planned for the new year.

Create a unified message platform of your new year plans for use across all of your organization’s communication channels, revising them, of course, to take advantage of each different channel.


Publish an infographic on your site’s homepage that shows a snapshot of initiatives and activities planned for the new year. Link it to a special webpage that includes brief stories, weaving in messages of how the support of donors (individuals, foundations, companies) make it possible to achieve success. Include real-life stories about people who are benefiting from generous support and what can be accomplished in the new year.

Social Media

Change your organization’s social media profiles to reflect your temporary New Year message, including text and background image. Coordinate this across all of your social media networks to present a unified message. Create a social media campaign that connects to your infographic and special new year webpage, to drive visitors to your special content. Use a special hashtag across all channels so that you can track your progress.


Develop an email campaign of three or four postcards that reinforce your New Year message and link to your special website content. Be sure to include your social media links, calls to action, and special hashtags on every piece.

U.S. Mail

Design a series of three or four over-sized postcards that visually convey your New Year message and direct your audience to your special online content. These cards can have the same look and feel as your email “cards,” to reinforce your New Year message. Include a clear call to action on each one, along with contact information.