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2021 communications trends: getting more personal

As message clutter continues to clog digital channels, leaders and their executive teams need to adopt a “get personal” strategy to get their messages to their intended audiences.

Incorporating microtargeting campaigns into your communications plan for 2021 will enable you to further personalize messages for a specific segment of your audience.

Here are three ways to do that:


Launch your own branded podcast that gets your leaders and subject matter experts talking about issues and solutions and topics of interest to your audience. Creating your own media is a fairly low financial investment; developing your topics and preparing your participants requires a fairly high investment of time.

Video marketing

Use live video to tell your stories. After you have warmed up your leaders and subject matter experts for your podcasts, develop a plan for using live video to tell your story visually. Live video can be used to further engage your target audience by highlighting a segment of a presentation, conducting an interview with a national leader or expert, or generating interest in an upcoming event. Live video enables you and your organization to become more personal to your target audiences.

Brand championing

Develop a cadre of champions for your brand by helping your employee have a deep understanding of your organization’s goals. Encourage professional development and knowledge sharing so that your team stays on top of trends in their areas of expertise, develops new strategies that will take your organization to the next level, and uncovers what’s around the next bend. With the help of leaders, your employees can become brand champions in a personal and authentic way.