2020 Communications Trends: Getting Personal

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  As message clutter continues to clog digital channels, leaders and their executive teams need to adopt a “get personal” strategy to get their messages to their intended audiences. Incorporating microtargeting campaigns into your communications plan for 2020 will enable you to personalize messages for a specific segment of your audience. Here are three ways […]

A Pivot to Meet the Changing Higher Education Landscape Head On

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  The changing landscape of higher education presents challenges and opportunities for many of us working in the sector. I have a proposal First, while enrollments are growing, completion rates are dropping because institutions are serving a very different type of student. For example, more that 47 percent of higher education students in the U.S. […]

A Role for Marketers, Communicators, and Students in Student Success

A Role for Marketers, Communicators, and Students in Student Sucess

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I had the opportunity to attend two higher education conferences in the past two weeks: Achieving the Dream’s annual national convening, DREAM, and the Council for Support and Advancement of Education’s District II annual conference. It was my third DREAM conference; it was my 32nd CASE District II conference. While each focused on a different […]

Use the Year-End to Motivate Donors in the New Year

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As the end of the calendar year approaches, our inboxes and mailboxes fill up holiday greetings, year-end sales promotions, and predictions for the New Year. Nonprofit organizations use this time to send their messages of best wishes and reminders to make that last donation before the year ends. Some NPOs bring in as much as […]

Your Strategic Plan Needs a Plan

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We’ve all read articles (and heard from colleagues) about how strategic plans get “put on a shelf” and stay there. We’ve all witnessed that process at one time or another. The solution: the plan needs a plan. As your institution develops its institutional strategic plan, include a goal of communicating the plan to engage individuals […]

Paint a “Big Picture” of Your Vision

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Do you see yourself in this picture? You’re planning your capital campaign—drafting members for your team, setting goals and project costs, establishing timelines and budgets, conducting a feasibility study, drafting a test case for support. You’re assembling all the pieces you need for your next campaign…or at least you think you have all the pieces. […]

Changing the Language of Education

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I just returned from a week in San Francisco with a national nonprofit organization, Achieving the Dream, for their annual collaborative and learning event. The convening, DREAM, brought together many of the most innovative thinkers, leaders, and practitioners in higher education. My work with ATD enabled me to attend plenaries and keynotes and special sessions […]