Repeat after me: “a brand is more than a logo.”

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Repeat after me: “a brand is more than a logo.”

We’ve all heard the phrase “a brand is more than a logo.”

While I can’t take credit for creating the phrase, I can (and do!) take credit for saying it often. Building a brand in nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions is a focused, careful, multi-layer process based on more than just designing a logo and choosing colors for the website. It’s much more than that.

And the language people like me…a longtime marketing communications professional…use to help NPOs and colleges and universities develop or refresh their brand can confusing.

It’s like learning a new language. Or preparing for a quiz show.

What’s the difference between…

Brand equity and brand awareness?

Brand lift testing and absolute brand lift?

Share of voice and share of market? And don’t forget about share of mind.

Do I need Competitive moats? How deep should they be?!

How frequently do I need Frequency?

Is my messaging emotional enough?

LinkedIn just published a short guide, The Ultimate Glossary of Brand Building Terms, that provides descriptions of these and other terms used by professionals who work with you to build or maintain your brand.

Here’s a link to download the Pocket Guide.

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