How to fill gaps and fulfill communications needs during a time of constant change

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How to fill gaps and fulfill communications needs during times of constant change

We are all hit daily with posts and tweets and articles and podcasts that project how the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have a profound and lasting effect on education and business…and on everything.

In colleges and universities across the U.S., a president's time and focus is constantly changing—from short-term issues of opening campuses and offices, setting up new technologies and training for staff, and keeping students safe—to longer-term challenges of declining enrollments, shrinking budgets, and sustainability.

In nonprofit organizations, CEOs are faced with declining support, layoffs, and difficulty getting their messages through to their key stakeholders.

Positions are cut.
Employees leave.
And the work continues, changes, and grows.

JC Anderson is a partner who fills the gaps, jumps in when and where leaders and their teams need another brain, another pair of hands. She brings her experience and knowledge as a leader in colleges and universities, and in nonprofits and for-profits to every project.

Drop her a note to see how she can help you.

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