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Ideas to spark the start of a brilliant New Year

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Ideas to spark the start of a brilliant new year

My recent blog post encouraged marketing communications professionals to “clean up the old, prepare for the new” before the start of the new year.

And here we are, in the new year.

As you unwrap the first quarter of 2022, consider these ideas to spark a brilliant New Year.

1. Refresh social media platforms.

Create a new organizational profile image and background on each of your social media platforms to communicate a fresh start, a new year. Design a new background image or graphic that stays on brand but presents a peek into a change or new direction your organization will be rolling out in 2022.

2. Personalize communications

Tailor your communications based on the data you have collected from your contacts. This can include revising the days and times to post content on your various social media channels, creating unique email campaigns based on the contact’s preferences and needs, and using dynamic content (videos, questions, chats) to engage the receiver to interact with your organization.

3. Sharpen and learn new skills.

The “2021 State of Nonprofit Marketing” report published by Salesforce in November 2021 reported that 79 percent of nonprofit marketers agreed that their work would be more technology-centric after the pandemic than ever before. However, only 30 percent said that they were trained on digital proficiency. Brushing up or learning technology/digital and data science skills will help marketers manage their changing work in the new year. There are many ways to find professional learning opportunities…through professional organizations such as PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) and AMA (American Marketing Association)…other resources including edX, Coursera, and LinkedIn.

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