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Post-Pandemic: back-to-the-office workplace communications

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Post-Pandemic: back-to-the-office communications

As your nonprofit, college, or university begins the roll back into your offices and campuses, don’t let your practice of communicating frequently and clearly with your teams slide.

In fact, you may need to concentrate even more on your internal communications.

In an earlier post, Why your post-pandemic workplace plan needs an internal communication plan, we encouraged you to map out a clear and concise internal communication plan as you designed your plans to shift to a post-pandemic workplace.

Communicating your plans, even when they are in flux, to your team often, will set you and your leadership up for dialog about what your employees are thinking, feeling, anxious about…and will help smooth the way for your transition into your next workplace environment.


As your teams begin to spend time in the office or on campus, it remains important to stay in touch with them. They are adjusting to a new working environment while also bringing with them lingering issues of childcare, ill parents or children, partners still working from home. They are...we all are...feeling anxious.

You’ll want to be prepared for a culture shift…coming together again after more than a year of being apart, experiencing loss and disconnection and anxiety. Communicate with your teams directly by stopping by their offices or cubbies to check in, sending personal email messages to follow up as well as all-staff emails to keep communication open. Communicating with your team will help them navigate this change and will help them, and you, begin to build a new least for now.

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